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Star Wars: Solo Han Solo! (EP89)

June 21, 2017

Han Solo looses directors, fans worry over EP9, so much more in this weeks, Jon Justice solo hosting podcast from a galaxy far far away! 

Dale Jr Race Preview: Michigan in the Mt Dew

June 17, 2017

This week host Jon Justice talks:

WTH last week in Pocono

This weeks paint scheme

Expectations going into Sundays race



Ryan Blaney Race Preview: A New Hope

June 17, 2017

My Nerd World host Jon Justice has chosen a new NASCAR driver (or did the driver chose him?) with Dale Jr retiring after this season. Jon discusses why he is going with Ryan and plans for this year and next.



Depeche Mode: Echoing in My Mind (EP18)

June 17, 2017

On this weeks show host Jon Justice covers:

Surprise Martin Gore solo song on the Global Spirit Tour

Jon tricked his wife into listening to DM again and got his 10 year old hooked too

More bracket talk

Your emails

Depeche Mode: Your Favorite Passion (Ep17)

June 11, 2017

Jon Justice is back with another look at the world we live in and life in general. The Global Spirit Tour rolls on, Jon breaks down his bracket picks of Depeche Mode songs. Plus a discussion on the uniqueness of Songs of Faith and Devotion. 

Dale Jr Race Preview: Blowing Up in Pocono

June 10, 2017

Dale Jr went over his list of drivers to follow, Jon Justice gives his thoughts. New merchandise news and your preview of Sundays race where the #88 will have to start from behind at Pocono. 

Dale Jr Race Preview: Monster Mile

June 3, 2017

After a solid finish in last weeks Coke 600 Dale Jr and the #88 team are ready to take on the Monster Mile with a seemingly fast hot rod! Plus we finally see the Mt Dew Paint Scheme! GO JR!unnamed.jpg

Depeche Mode: As It Happens (EP16)

June 2, 2017

New remix, Jon's favorite DM track ever, talking Black Celebration, tales of the world we live in and life in general and much more.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Spoiler Spectacular! (EP88)

May 30, 2017
Spoiler/Detail Spectacular
Jon Justice goes solo this week to cover a weeks worth of Vanity Fair profiling The Last Jedi, lego leaks and more! 
On the show:
-Ryan Johnson says no mapped plan
-Story Group Pablo Hildalgo at comic-con chili has lots to say
-Leak Lego from the LAST JEDI!
-5 Things not in The Last Jedi 
-Lukes lightsaber is now Rey’s 

Depeche Mode: Unselected Cases (Ep15)

May 28, 2017

(apologies upfront for the shorter show this week)

On this weeks show:

Latest from the Global Spirit Tour (Manchester terror and Jon Justice's history with Depeche Mode at that venue)

New Interview with Dave Gahan

What non-singles had the biggest impact on the hardcore fan

Listener John Justice creates the ultimate DM Bracket

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Dale Jr Race Preview: Rebound 600 (Charlotte)

May 27, 2017

jrnation.jpgIts been a rough year for Dale Jr, will the Coca-Cola 600 begin the turn around that Jr and the fans want to see? Host Jon Justice gives you a preview on Sunday nights race.


Star Wars: Shocking The Last Jedi (EP87)

May 22, 2017

On this weeks show with Jon and Sam:

Japanese Flyer promises shocking secrets revealed in The Last Jedi?

New set pictures from the Han Solo movie show a 50/60's vibe?

Topic: what about those prequels and is there anything that can be done to make them more widly accepted? 

Plus much more! 

Click here for behind-the-scenes photos of the Han Solo film!

Depeche Mode: We Can Be Heros (EP14)

May 21, 2017

On this weeks show with your host Jon Justice

-New Release day for the Podcast and why

-What about the performace of the band on the tour

-Mail responses

-Flashback topic: Why Any Second Now Speak and Spell was so signifcant 

-Bonus audio!


Star Wars: The Secret is out? (Ep86)

May 15, 2017

Jon Drew and Sam talk about the squashed leaked Last Jedi Workprint. Plus on this weeks show, is a secret surrounding The Last Jedi out in public? And a lot more from a galaxy far far away.

Dale Jr Race Preview: Dew-S.A. (Kansas)

May 13, 2017

After another bad luck weekend Dale Jr heads to Kansas where already the weekend is off to a rocky start dispite having a fast car. Get up to speed on all things Jr on this weeks show. 

Depeche Mode: Global Spirit Tour (EP13)

May 12, 2017

This week Jon Justice talks about the opening days of the Global Spirit Tour, setlists, stage set up, Antons visuals. Then its all about you and your emails this week! Let me take you on a trip..... 


Star Wars: Space Horses! (EP85)

May 8, 2017

Jon Drew and Sam are back to talk Star Wars post May the 4th be with you! In the news this week the group talks:

-May the 4th expections vs Reality

-The Last Jedi WALMART Spoilers: Kylo Rens Starfighter, Space Horses and more. 

-Many minor details about The Last Jedi from 

-When will we get more official info on the Last Jedi

And much more! 





Dale Jr Race Preview: TALLADEGA #1 for Win #7!

May 6, 2017

Its Talladega and host Jon Justice talks Richmond, Paint schemes, new merchandise and why Dale Jr will win #7 in Alabama! 



Depeche Mode: A Ride with My Best Friend (EP12)

May 4, 2017

This week in the news:
What band has a new release influenced by Depeche Mode?

Global Spirit Tour Starts

Topics: Why people say Depeche is dark?

Dave Gahan on the Nerdist Podcast 

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Dale Jr Race Preview: Retire Reaction (Richmond)

April 29, 2017

Host Jon Justice gives his thoughts on Dale Jr retiring and previews Richmond.