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MNW - Star Wars: Carrie Fisher One With the Force (EP71)

December 28, 2016

Remembering Carrie Fisher

Rogue One continues to impress

Rian Johnson defends the Prequels

Conversation: Samantha Sansevere on seeing the OT for the first time

2017 MNW Star Wars changes coming. 

MNW - Star Wars : Rogue One Spoiler Review! (EP70)

December 18, 2016

All Rogue One, commentary, spoliers and special guest Drew from Justice and Drew our radio show on

MNW - Star Wars: It’s a Hit! (EP69)

December 11, 2016

Its Christmas for adults, thats what Star Wars is (Line from Mr Mrs Smith)

R1 First Reactions

Does R1 success spell the end of the saga films

Is R1 more important that TFA?

Jons expectations, wants and dreams 

email and much more


MNW - Star Wars: Rogue One, Best One Ever? (EP68)

December 4, 2016

In this weeks show:

George saw Rogue One?

More footage of R! brings more excitement

Audio of new clips and interviews with Director of R1 Gareth Edwards

Reaction of screened R1 footage

Can Rogue One be the best Star Wars movie ever

Do you want more than 1 Star Wars movie a year?


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