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MNW - Star Wars: May The Force Be With Us (EP67)

November 27, 2016

In this weeks show:

Tickets on Sale Monday

New R1 footage during Disney Holiday Special

Are we going to see an Episode 8 teaser with R1?

How much Vader are we going to get in R1

Revisting Return of the Jedi and why it needs an upgrade

How does Rogue One open? Crawl no Crawl? now we know and Jon Justice will tell you...if you want to hear it. 


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MNW: Star Wars - The Great Equalizer (EP66)

November 19, 2016

After taking a week off Jon Justice returns to a Galaxy Far Far Away with Episode 66 of the Star Wars podcast. In this weeks show Jon shares his thoughts of all the new footage that has been released in an onslaught of Rogue One trailers. Expectations are rising for the first spin off film. Plus, locations, Star Wars and the real world. Jon talks about how the locations in the movies reflect real life. Lastly, revisisting the reason why we love Star Wars and why we should never forget that George created the great equalizer. May the Force be With US! 

Warning Politics - BonusCast: Time to Vote!

November 7, 2016

Jon Justice, on the day before the election, decides to share his thoughts on Nov 8th and the words of Dem pollster Patrick Caddell. GO VOTE!

MNW - Star Wars: Episode 4 the First Time (EP65)

November 2, 2016

In this weeks show, Jon Justice talks a few recent news items as we count down to Rogue One. Speaking of counting down, Samantha (Sam) the producer and third member of Jon's weekly radio show Justice and Drew on KTLK had never seen any Star Wars movie! Jon give his thoughts on what he observed watching Sam watch A New Hope, plus hear Sam and Drew talk with Jon after one of their weekly shows about what Sam thought about the movie.