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JJShow - The Second To Last

August 22, 2016

Jon's second to last show. 

JJShow - LochMess Monster

August 19, 2016

Lochte lies, Katie Pavlich deals with Always Trumpers, Interview ABC News Jim Ryan, 10 things to know for a Friday

Interview Torchy on retiring Baby Boomers, More Lochte nonsense  with April Madison

Trump Delivers best speech yet, Products you didnt know you needed, Air Guard in Tucson, final word on Chem Trails.

JJShow - LochteGate Expands

August 18, 2016

What did Ryan Lochte Do? Mexican Pres says he would meet with Trump. ABC Lana Zak on ObamaCare on the rocks ABC News Alex Stone on the CA Wildfires, Trampoline story from Jon, James goes viralKatie Pavlich interview, emoji quiz, drop kicking cake woman is back, Hillary health

JJShow - What’s a PickleDo?

August 16, 2016

Taxes on Gold medals, Trump Foreign Policy Speech reaction, ABC News Lana Zak

ABC News Brad Mielke, Gary Johnson wants to debate, more Trump Talk

Wallet Hub and Tucson, Bronson vs Monsoon, Illegal dumping, Dildo vs Gun protest at University of Texas. 

JJShow - R2-D2 Passes away, Olympians robbed

August 16, 2016

Rd-D2 Passes away, Olympians robbed, Mill Riots over police shooting

Donald Trump to give foreign policy speech, Hillary hires illegals, ABC Ryan Burrow 

AG Says TUSD violated the law, Judge may block recreational pot vote, man not allowed to order pizza, Andrew Langer interview. 

MNW - Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer Two (EP59)

August 13, 2016

My Nerd World host Jon Justice has some news to share about the future of My Nerd World. Plus, Jon gives his commentary and reaction to the Rogue One Trailer Two! 

JJShow - Trump needs Jesus

August 12, 2016

Trump and RNC to pow wow in Florida, Trumps says he could lose? ABC News Ryan Burrow on Macy's closing, Pokemon Saves Seattle ice cream shop.

ABC News Any Field on ISIS report, tattoo to tell you if you're drunk 

Arrest made in Rialto vandalism, Racist Sausage party, PETA Chicken memorial 

JJShow - April and Jon talk Pot and Much more

August 11, 2016
Ground Troops where? Trump Tower Climb, AudienceGate, ObamaCare Woes

TBT Tucsons Modern Streetcar, April and Jon talk pot and drug testing, Gone Green in Rio

Katie Pavlich Interview, Obamacare failing, Pot Update, TUSD controversy, Bill Rodman, Rhonda Pina candidates for OV Town Council. 

JJShow - A Car…is not a Boat!

August 11, 2016
Bronson vs Monsoon, Trump vs Second Amend, 10 things to know for Wed

Feds vs E-Vaping, how much exercise equals how much sitting, it's good to fidget, condoms in Rio

Trumps gun / Hillary comment controversy, more on stupid drivers, Pokemon stories, Safe Space update!

JJShow - A Trump…Interrupted

August 9, 2016

Trump interrupted 14 times, Trumps got a economy plan, Feds go after E-Cigs with more regulations 

More on E-Cigs vs Feds, Why no one cares about the olympics, Jon's car story, the future with driverless cars and distracted driving.

Orlando Shooter Dad at Hillary Rally, City says we need 1.5 Billion in services, TPD Chief doesnt want cops to take selfies with Candidates, Food expiration dates, whooperitos, Trump media bias 

JJShow - The InstaGoogleTweetFace Election

August 8, 2016
Delta Outage, Suicide Squad breaks records, Kaisch to endorse trump? Olympics begin

First Gold for US was with a gun, New guns laws in Arizona, Bike theft, Hockey TCC renovations

Mixing NFL and Debates, Social networking election future, Safe Space stories, Donald Trump Economic Speech. 

MNW - Dale Jr Race Preview: Jr back at the track (Watkins Glen)

August 7, 2016

Dale Jr returns to the track at watkins Glen while Jeff Gordon continues to fill in the #88 car. Jon comments on Dale Jr's current recovery, new merchandise, Jeff Gordons chances this week and when will Jr start racing again

JJShow - Trumps Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

August 5, 2016
Trumps Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Week, Hillarys Middle Class Tax hike? ABC News Brad Mielke, 3 Reasons Trump will win
Interview Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Food Fights with April Madison, Supremes vs Transgender Bathrooms. 
Katie Pavlich interview, April Madison and awkward marriage conversations, What happens if Trump drops out, Interview Ally Miller, Satan School in TUSD

JJShow - Welcome to the Dumpster Fire

August 4, 2016
Jon gets annoyed, Pence at the Fox theater, Trump and his many critics,
Trump VS Crying baby, Protester at Pence Tucson visit, Healthy Mens segment, Hillary is lair Pima Board Supe Candidate John Backer, Grade changing controversy in TUSD, Who is Khan really, Did Obama exchange ransom money for Iranian prisoners? 

JJShow- Cartoon Gun Control

August 2, 2016

Apple ditches gun Emoji, ISIS hates us, Obama weighs in on Khan, Pocket Constitution hot seller, Trump calls Hillary the Devil

FBI releases UFO classified docs, Hillarys Free college, All lives and Green Lives Matter

Satan After School Club, Moms booted from Bad Moms Movie, Pokemon Go Neglect, Pima Board of Supes candidate Steve Christy interview, AZ Star says you need to like Hillary. 

JJShow - Dolphins Suck on Blowfish

August 1, 2016

GOP VP Pick Pence in Tucson Tuesday, Donald vs Khan, Harambe Polling better than Clinton and Trump? 3rd Party Surge. 

City Clowncilwoman Regina Romero broke the law? Minimum Wage support OpEd, City Codes may make person homeless.

Andrew Langer President of the institute for Liberty Interview, Crayons more dangerous than pot? Spice drug vs Tucson