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MNW - Star Wars : Shields Up (EP58)

July 31, 2016
All is quiet in the world of Star Wars news, but after a week off Jon Justice is back to take to take you to a Galaxy Far Far Away. This week, why is the news so quiet and why is that a good thing. Has the Force Awakens cemented it's self in the overall Star Wars lore? Why Star wars stands the test of time. Jon reviews Lost Stars the Star Wars novel. Has the crawl been decided for Rogue One? What is JJ Abrams fantasy movie and what is Jon's idea for a Star Was Story film? All this and much more from the Outer Rim in EP58's show!

MNW - Dale Jr Race Preview: Jeff Gordon at Pocono

July 30, 2016

As Dale Jr continues his recovery Jeff Gordon continues to sub in the #88 car. Jr provides an update on how he is feeling and why he may not be back behind the wheel anytime soon. Jon will preview Pocono and expectations for the #88 team while Hendrick Motorsports continues to struggle. Get well soon Dale Jr. 

JJShow - Hillary is a Robot (DNC Speech Recap)

July 30, 2016

Hillary DNC speech recap, Trump Jr vs Obama, Where was the RNC protests media coverage. 

Tributes Jerry Doyle, audio from his past, Hillarys Tax Hikes, Kaines views on guns

JJShow - We will Miss Jerry Doyle

July 28, 2016

Roughly midway through todays Podcast Jon receives word that talk host and friend Jerry Doyle has passed away. Before that you will hear.

Bernie ditches Dems, Kaine tries Trump Impression, Wikileaks dumps voicemails, Trump accused of Treason
Biden slams Trump, more DNC audio, Spice Raids in Tucson, Officer deaths on the rise. Katie Pavlich Interview and Sen John McCain instudio.

JJShow - Wham Bam Biggidty Boo

July 27, 2016
Hillary cracks something, Bill says something, DNC says nothing about ISIS, ABC News Brad Meilke in Pilly 

DNC Day 2 audio, winners and loser, Healthy Mens Segment, Trump live presser.

last title

Pima Board Sup Kim Demarco, New Downtown Tucson Projects, More Pokemon Go Stories, Breaking Reagan news, OV Town Councilman Mike Zinkin 

JJShow - DNC Convention Anger and Chaos

July 26, 2016

DNC Chaos Day 1, Scooter Walmart Thief, ABC Alex Stone live from Cleveland, Sarah Silverman at DNC audio

DNC apologizes for emails in Wikileak, 2 year anniversary of StreetCar 

Pima County Road plan, Bike Blvds in Tucson, April Madison and the end of the VCR, Debbie Wasserman Shultz lies a lot, Interview John Winchester pima board of supervisors, Pan handling ban

JJShow - Leaking Emails and Rigged Elections

July 26, 2016
Shooting in Florida, Shooting in Munich, Bombing in Germany, WIKIDNC Leaks, DNC gets underway

WIKI Leaks DNC email headline list, Local expert on DNC Leaks, TPD travels to Baton Rogue

Interview Andrew Langer Institute for Liberty, Burrito Saunas, 6 reasons cold showers are awesome, Origami Robot, AC's as dangerous as ISIS, TUSD violence fears.

MNW - Dale Jr Race Preview: Get Well Soon, Jeff Returns (INDY)

July 23, 2016

Host Jon Justice share his heart felt thoughts about Dale Jr in the wake of Jr missing another two races and the unknown. Jeff Gordon will come out of retirement to drive the #88 at Indy and Pocono. Find out why Jon will be rooting for Jeff Gordon and what he hopes Jeff can accomplish that will help Jr make the chase when he returns. Plus, a preview of Jeff's week and an answer to the question of whether or not Jeff could possibly win in the next 2 weeks. 

JJShow - Trump and His Nomination Speech, Believe Me

July 22, 2016
Trump Nomination Speech recap, ABC news live at RNC 
Continued Trump Speech, audio and calls, ABC news live at RNC 
Trump to make America Safe again? THC in CO water supply, More Trump Speech commentary.

JJShow - WTH is going on with the RNC

July 21, 2016
WTH is going on with the RNC, WTH was Ted Cruz thinking? More ABC News RNC coverage, Satan Ben and Hillary, Audio from day 3 of teh RNC, 32 million for Bike Blvds in Tucson, 18k on closed Cafe in Pima Sheriff Offfice, More live ABC news RNC Coverage, Interview Katie Pavlich at the RNC, Why Lock Her Up! Is Valid, Drunk study with April Madison, Border Patrol Rescue Illegals, No Term Limits for Tucson Activist Council. 

JJShow - Don’t Pokemon Go Around Land Mines

July 20, 2016
Trump gets Nomination, Jon see's Pokemon Go live, My Little Pony and Melania Trump? ABC News Brad Meilke, Audio from RNC
 Chris Christie holds mock Hillary Trial at RNC, Paul Ryan audio, Aaron Katersky ABC news live at RNC, Gay GOP Pundit booted from Twitter,TV Shows Attack Trump, What is "Constitutional Policing" and why is TPD doing it? More RNC day 2 coverage, Hypocrisy in Christie vs Bernie

JJShow - Donald is never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down

July 19, 2016

RNC Day 1 Recap and audio, ABC News Brad Meilke, Controversy around Melania Trumps speech

TPD Police Chief continues to talk about cop changes, more audio from RNC, ABC News Aaron Katersky 

Melania vs Michelle convention speeches, more RNC Day 1 coverage, 450k Condoms in Rio, 7 things to watch at the RNC, Marana Mayor Ed Honea interview

JJShow - Baton Rouge Police Shooting, RNC Day 1 Preview

July 18, 2016

Daytona Cop car torched, Update on Baton Rouge police shooting, ABC Brad Meilke from the RNC, Hillary Pokemon the polls?

MNW - Dale Jr Race Preview: No Dale Jr in New Hampshire

July 16, 2016

Dale Jr will miss this weekends race due to Dr's order over concussion concerns, host Jon Justice will cover all the angles and preview replacement driver Alex Bowman at Loudon. 

MNW - Star Wars: Celebration Europe Rogue One (EP57)

July 16, 2016

Celebration Europe is underway and it was off to a rocky start. Host Jon Justice will discuss the spoilers in the Rogue One Panel, the trailer the fans didn't get, the reel behind the scenes footage we did get and the teaser convention goers got. Jon breaks down all the new info, footage, exclusive interview with Gareth Edwards and much more! New picture of Rebels Thrawn

JJShow - Attack on Nice, Day of Rage coming?

July 15, 2016
Nice Terror Attack latest, Trump delays Veep announcement, Interview Daveed Gartentein-Ross Interview

State Dept warms of Day of Rage, Mark Napier Pima County Sheriff Candidate, TPD officer Brandon Tatum on LA Shooting 

Trump Pence agree/disagree, Pence Puns, Pokemon Cliff dangers, Ben B Garcia host of American Warrior, Police in danger 

JJShow - All Tied Up, Katie Pavlich Interview

July 14, 2016
Trump 44% Hillary 37%, Trump vs Supremes Ginsberg, Phoenix Serial Killer on the loose, Transgender Bathrooms back in the news.

Interview Jason Winskey Tucson Police Officers Association in Dallas for slain officers funeral, Day of Rage Hoax or Reality, Pro Law Enforcement Rally, Pokemon news

Interview Katie Pavlich, PokeBreakups and PokeJobs, Will talk radio do better under Hillary or Trump?

JJShow - SusPence is Building for Trumps VP Pick

July 13, 2016
Jon's cyclist run in, Trump VP pick talk ramps up, ABC Ryan Burrow on Beer Nutrition Labels, Obama at the Dallas Memorial.

James T Harris joins us in studio, Wallet Hub says Tucson has the best roads? Mayor says we are doing great! Water Welfare?

Miss Alabama in trouble for Dallas shooter comments, KGUN 9 joins Jon with the lastest on Pokemon GO, Support Law Enforcement Rally planned, War on Guns like war on Drugs? 

JJShow - Beauty Queen calls Dallas Shooter Martyr?

July 12, 2016

Miss Black Alabama calls Dallas Shooter Martyr? More Pokemon GO news and commentary on the news of the day in this Best of the JJShow Tuesday Podcast. 

JJShow - Pokemon Lives Matter

July 11, 2016

Coverage of recent Dallas Shootings, ABC Brad Garrett on police and communities, James T Harris in studio, Pokemon GO craze with Andrew Langer Pres of the Institute for Liberty and KGUN April Madison.