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JJShow - Tennis Ball Bombs, Obese Cartoon Demigods

June 30, 2016
Turkish Terror Raids, US Airstrikes against ISIS kills 250, Tennis Ball Bombs? Breaking news, TUSD Grade changing investigation, Metallica Joes Crab Shack hoax, police called over racist comments, Rated r-trailer before Dory, Disney movie character Obese? Interview Katie Pavlich, Ban hiking trails in extreme heat? Guy high crashes into pot shop, Clear Pepsi comeback? FDA says dont eat raw Cookie Dough?

JJShow - Turkey Terror Attack, Cocaine Breast Fed Baby Couple

June 29, 2016

Turkey Terror Attack, Kerry says Brexit can be walked back, Rec Pot gets on the ballot in CA, Co teens use pot less, Clinton wants cheap internet for everyone! Update on Cocaine baby couple, TPD gets into community policing, ACLU goes after Border Patrol Turkey Attack new normal? Marines lose the word "Man" in job titles, Trump stage RNC plans, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross on Turkey terror attack, new activist action from House Democrats+

JJshow - Racist Magic Eye Poster, Judging the Car You Drive

June 28, 2016

Interesting SCOTUS reveal in recent rulings show added Gov/Law's don't always help. Red Cross Pool safety poster deemed racist, judging people by the car they drive.

JJShow - Of Nazi’s, Supremes and Local Fake ID’s

June 27, 2016

Nazi Protests produce stabbings, UK official tries to quell Brexit fears, Supremes to give final rulings (Do they vacation in black robes) Food stamp fraud. 

Supremes rules on abortion Texas case, Steve K / City of Tucson goes after Iphone tech. 

Interview Dr Sean McFate on Brexit, will UK survive it? Tucson looking for Local ID's for Illegal Aliens, Interview with Musician Terry Sweet, Safe Space Update. 

MNW - Star Wars: Crawling to Rogue One (EP55)

June 26, 2016

In this weeks show, host Jon Justice covers the rest of the EW Rogue One details and pictures released this week. Plus, no decision has been made about whether the the "A Star Wars Story" non-Saga films will have an opening crawl. Jon gives his argument as to why he believes they must have a crawl. Email Jon at Pics!

MNW - Dale Jr Race Preview: Stupid Fast in Sonoma

June 25, 2016

After a week off and a horrible incident in Michigan the Axalta #88 team unloads at the Sonoma road course with a wicked fast race car. Jon looks back, only just briefly at Michigan and new merchandise. Then it's all about Dale Jr as Jon break downs practice qualifying and the question on everyones mind, will Dale Jr walk away with an unlikely win at the track he probably likes the least?! 

JJShow - Brexit Exit, Make America White Again

June 24, 2016

BREXIT vote, Leave wins! Trump Responds, Independence Day 2, Immigration protest in Phx. More BREXIT coverage, Hillary responds, immigration issue global issue, Aaron Katersky ABC news on Walls Street in the wake of Leave EU win. What does Brexit mean for the US and our election, Jake Kagele Nova Financial on the financial implications of Brexit, candidate gets in trouble for "Make America White Again" sign. 

JJShow - House Dem Hippie Sit In, James T in DC

June 23, 2016
Dems stage "Sit in" over gun control vote, Karen Travers ABC News checks in live from DC. James T Harris live from DC with "Dem House Sit In" coverage. Disney-Gator killed, Giffords on gun control, what happens if there is an Assault Weapons Ban? Katie Pavlich FOX News Interview, Breaking SCOTUS News, POTUS responds live.

MNW - Star Wars: BONUS - Rogue One Info Dump!

June 22, 2016

Entertainment Weekly dropped a ton of character info about this years Star Wars Rogue One. Jon Justice breaks it all down and gives his thoughts.

JJShow - Disrupting RNC, Russian Leaking DNC, Trump vs Hillary

June 22, 2016

Scott Walker looks to disrupt RNC? Russian DNC document leak, Trumps fundraising in super low, Michael Jackson had child porn? Gun bills in congress doing more harm than good, House GOP looks at Obamacare changes, Twitter adds long video, Younger couples skip wedding rings, Trump gives Anti Hillary speech. Trump attacks Hillary in address, commentary and calls. 

JJShow - Margins of Death, No Apple for the GOP

June 21, 2016

More extreme heat, Trump hits the reset button, Apple to boycott RNC, ABC News Karen Travers live in DC. Whats you die in extreme temps, Polls show Clinton Trump close in swing states, media extreme bias, DOJ release terror transcript. DOJ releases transcripts of 6/12 Terror 911 Calls, Anchor fired for being white? Anchor fired for being racist, Lone Wolf myth, Essay for Tucson property, new bike share program planned, TUSD offers free laptops. 

JJShow - Extreme Heat. Farts for Hillary, Passing of Chekov

June 20, 2016

Heat Deaths, Cav's win title, Chekov died, Trump Rally in Phx, Fart In for Hillary?

New AHL Tucson Hockey team name, Mascot confusion, AR-15 wimp, AZ Star Vs Guns,

Andrew Langer President of Institute for Liberty Interview, talking extreme heat, Obama booted the press too, Orlando Conspiracies. 

MNW - Star Wars: a galaxy far far away… (EP54)

June 18, 2016

After taking a week off Jon Justice is back with the latest news and commentary from a galaxy far far away...In the news, John Williams wants to score EP8 for a very specific reason, release date for Star Wars Rebels season 2 on Blu-Rey, more Rogue One reshoot talk and what Jon hopes the film becomes. Discussion on why George Lucas ruined fantasy film making and how to really watch Star Wars. Email Jon at

JJShow - Some like it Hot

June 17, 2016

Keeping Cool, Attack Syria? McCain blames Obama for Orlando, Philly soda tax, NBA Playoff goes to a game 7

Deadly Chopsticks, Omar Texted wife during attack, cost of living in Tucson, Zoning vs Balconies, Pueblo High School Scandal

Woman Drop Kicks Birthday Cake, Obama gets political at Memorial for Orlando victims, Why terrorists chose Gun Free Zones, Keeping cool tips with April Madison, A-10 Defense bill, defending the AR-15

JJShow - Filibusted, Dump the Pump/Up the Fudge

June 16, 2016

Dem Gun Filibuster fail, NRA statement on no fly no buy, San Diego terror threat, where is Omar's wife, John Backer Pima Board Supes Candidate, Immigration Update Cartel Scouts caught, 400K overstay visas, Fox News Katie Pavlich interview, National Dump the Pump/Fudge Day, Victoria Secret Conspiracy, Why people have AR-15's 

JJShow - Love is Love, Show is Show, Death is Death?

June 15, 2016

Trump in Phoenix, Los Angeles "potential attacker" ties to Omar Mateen? Sen John McCain calls in. 

City Clowncil Karen Uhlich writes scary AZ Star Editorial, SE Cupp weighs in on Orlando shooting 

Steve Christy interview, Transgender characters in Finding Dory? LGBT freakout in Phoenix, TUSD sex ed controversy

JJShow - KQTH Airlines Flight AR-15

June 14, 2016
All boarding KQTH Airlines Flight AR-15, Interview Daveed Gartenstein-Ross Counter Terror Expert. The Blame Game on Orlando Terror continues, NY Daily News blames NRA, Blames men 

JJShow - Coverage of the Orlando Terror Attack

June 13, 2016
Coverage of the Pulse Night Club Terrorist attack, audio from the POTUS Candidates, calls and local Tucson reaction
Interview with Andrew Langer Pres Institution for Liberty, April Madison KGUN 9 instudio, Terror or Hate crime or both, Huff Post writer endorses violence at Trump events. 

JJShow - BREAKING NEWS: Terrorist Attack in Orlando

June 12, 2016

Terrorist Attack: Jon Justice gives his opinion on the worst mass shooting in US history at the Pulse night club in Orlando Florida.

MNW - Dale Jr Race Preview: Fast FireKeepers 400 (Michigan)

June 11, 2016

So close last week at Pocono, can Dale Jr and the Axalta 88 team make up the one position needed to put Jr in Victory Lane at Michigan? Plus, Jon talks about the bad criticism the team has been getting from fans, new merchandise, why did Dale Jr qualify 25th and more. Does Jon Justice believe Jr will win Sunday? Find out in this weeks show!