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JJshow - Justice for Harambe, Plants threaten Progress

May 31, 2016

How Jon spent his Memorial Day holiday, Justice for Harambe, Memorial Day vandals, Clinton vs Sanders in CA

Proper Memorial Remembrance, TPD vs Cyclist, Gov Affairs Director Jason Winskey from TPD in studio. 

Interview Andrew Langer Pres of the Institute of Liberty talking Hillary email controversy, Plants threaten Tucson road project, Sen John McCain calls in ahead of Border Patrol Endorsement. TUSD Board member vs TUSD Board

MNW - Star Wars: Anakins Daddy Issues (EP53)

May 30, 2016

Slow news week in the Star Wars galaxy, but that doesn't stop host Jon Justice from providing commentary and insight into the Star Wars universe. First up, new art work for Celebration London, Jon breaks down what it shows. For this weeks topic Jon discusses the importance of fathers as it relates to Anakin never having a father and the impact that it will have on the entire Star Wars saga. email the show at

MNW- Dale Jr Race Preview: World 600

May 28, 2016

After a solid All Star Race the #88 team and Dale Jr prepare for the Coke/World 600. This week host Jon Justice will discuss the salute to America paint scheme, hear from Dale Jr himself about getting ready for the longest race in the season, new merchandise available and Jon's predication for Dale Jr and a race high on his list to win.

JJShow - If Gender is Fluid, the why not Age and Race

May 27, 2016

Jon is black and 25 today, Nuclear War on an 8inch Floppy, Mickey Mouse goes after Bernie Sanders, Obama goes after Trump in Japan, Tucson Ink Master wins reality show, more Transgender confusion

Katie Pavlich Interview, Pot themed Fitness, Illegal Alien steals dead vet ID, Bizzare ways campaigns spend money 

JJShow - Romney walks like a Penguin, Aprils Tarantula Hawk attack,

May 26, 2016
 Jon learns a life lesson, Clinton locked in CA primary battle with Sanders, DNA food warning labels 
Trump on Kimmel, Romney walks like a Penguin, Katie Couric doc caught altering audio, Trump grabs Nomination
Puppy Play? Eco-Sexual? Trans-Species, Aprils Tarantula Hawk attack, Hillary email controversy 

JJShow - Here come the refugees, Car Pedestrian sticky coating

May 25, 2016

Here come the refugees, No more balconies in Tucson, Project Stupid Returns! ABC Alex Stone interview

Hawaii Gun Database, Bernie Blows off Raul, ABC Ryan Burrow on Minimum Wage Protests, McDonalds about unless Robot Server Arm

Pima Budget battle, Sheriff Office Controversy continues, Sign Mayhem with April Madison, SE Cupp Interview, Google Car Pedestrian sticky coating. 

JJShow - Childish Sheriffs, Violent Lego, Too Fat for Facebook

May 24, 2016

Pima Sheriff vs Candidate controversy, Being terrified (Egypt air crash update) TSA firing, return of Occupy to the DNC, Pima County Sheriff Controversy continues, TIA flights to NY Streetcar Investigation, Violent Lego? Too Fat for Facebook, Body Shaming challenges, Vegan Dies on Everest.

JJShow - Chewbacca Lady Craze, Elsa Girlfriend Campaign

May 23, 2016

Chewbacca Lady, Trump tops polls, ABC news Brad Meilke joins the show, Elsa Speaks out about #GetElsaAGirlfriend campaign, Obama's bad overtime rules, $170 for a Hamburger, Pima Road Plan controversy, Breaking news Freddie Gray verdict, Saving plants but killing the environment, KGUN 9 April Madison learns about Chewbacca lady, Pima Sheriff Candidate put on leave of absence without pay because of Jon Justice Show? 

MNW - Star Wars: Rogue Leak! (EP52)

May 22, 2016

In Episode 52 host Jon Justice gives details on a leaked visual story guide for Rogue One. Plus, what will the Star Wars movie timeline look like going forward after we have more spin off films. How will the new films stand up against the "old school" film making of the original trilogy. Also, Jon lays down his belief that The Force Awakens would not have worked if the Prequels weren't made.

JJShow - Crashing Planes, Crappy Campaigns

May 22, 2016

Egypt Air update, Trump vs Hillary on Airline disaster, Prop 123 Passes, Hockey comes to Tucson. FBI Investigating Katie Pavlich stalker, Drunk cities, Fun Food Facts with April Madison and much more!

JJShow - Hillary a Loser Winner, Liz Peek Interview

May 18, 2016

OR, KY primary, Prop 123 124 results, Bans on Texting and Pan Handling, Election Narrative turning positive for GOP, Hockey in Tucson a Good Deal? Air Force to pay city 17mil, Pima Texting while driving ban, FOX News Liz Peek interview, What is "Forest Bathing", Soda Tax fails to stop obesity, HOA Outrage, Woman fights Transgender bathroom with Bible, Dad video goes viral.

JJShow - Dems Get Violent, The Bern to Flame Out

May 17, 2016

Red Light Bike Guy, All Carb Diet, No 3rd Party for Kasich, TSA blames travelers, Trump does Transgender, Marvel makes 10 billion, Why Elsa from Frozen wont become a lesbian, The Bern is about to Flame out, New Free Speech AZ laws passed, 5 Phrases you thought were harmless, Title 9 abuses over Transgender bathrooms

MNW - Star Wars: Episode VIII Bigger Darker (EP50)

May 16, 2016

It's Episode 50 of the My Nerd World Star Wars podcast and host Jon Justice covers a ton of new insight and news on The Force Awakens and Episode 8. The editor of Ep 7 reveals new insight into the biggest movie of all time The Force Awakens. Plus the actors of Star Wars Episode 8 are talking and giving us new information on the next movie. Jon also runs down a list of things as a kid he learned from Ep 4 and 5...there is no up and down in space!

JJShow - Pocahontas, Hockey and Justice-Involved People

May 16, 2016

Dem Nevada Convention Chaos, Trump goes Disney on Warren, 3rd Party chatter picks up, AHL Hockey in Tucson, 5 weekend stories you may have missed, Bans on Handheld devices and Panhandling, HOA's come under fire, Interview President Institute for Liberty Andrew Langer, Finding Dory Fish concerns, Criminals no longer criminals, Fat-Tavist and EV Cars bad for planet 

MNW - Dale Jr Race Preview: Attacking the Monster (Dover)

May 14, 2016

Dale Jr and the Nationwide #88 need a good weekend as we head to the Monster mile at Dover International Race way. Host Jon Justice will look back at Kansas last week and tackle why all of Hendrick Motorsports seems to be lacking speed. A new paint scheme was shown for the up coming All Star Race, Jon will give his thoughts. New merchandise has been released online, Jon will tell you what is available. Plus, get your complete race preview for Dover this weekend and why it's getting harder and harder to predict how the #88 team is going to finish week to week. 

JJShow - I Hate the Transgender Bathroom Debate

May 13, 2016

Sky Harbor Luggage nightmare, Obama care said to be unconstitutional, more Clinton email controversy 

Trump Lump Parodies, National Day off for Voting, Transgender Bathrooms 

Breaking down Bathroom Transgender debate, Phrases of love in other languages, Box Trolls Homeless update

JJShow - Trump Vs Nickleback, Newt for Veep

May 12, 2016
FBI says Investigation not "Security Inquiry", Newt for Veep, Tucson Gun laws slapped
Pima vs Panhandling, Trump Vs Nickleback, Oregons Bias Response Team

Katie Pavlich on the show, Alcohol talk with April Madison, Paul Ryan meets with Trump, Minimum Wage and Protests update!

JJShow - Patriotic Beer, Gov Ducey Interview

May 11, 2016
Trump Bernie win again, The Donald VP List, Clinton aide walks out on FBI
America Beer update, New Planets found, Gov targets Tucson gun ordinances, No homeless allowed
Gov Ducey Prop 123 interview, Tucsons many protests, Oregons thought police 

MNW - Its all about that Bison Bison Bison

May 10, 2016
Bison new Natl Mammal, Ryan on Vetting Trump, Troops back Trump,  Clinton emails go missing
Candidates owe Tucson cash, Teacher pressured over Prop 123, Minimum wage hike worse that we thought
Facebook suppresses conservative views, activists go after your pets? Captn American heterosexual controversy

JJShow - Civil War On Screen and the Campaign Trail

May 9, 2016
Why Jon is voting for Trump, Civil War Spoiler free review, Hillary investigation latest, Trump on the trail, Ann Day death
Libertarian Gary Johnson gets attention, NC Bathroom issue, Political Correctness stories, No homework movement
Andrew Langer President of the institute for Liberty interview, 15 scary cell phone facts, Obama vs Trump celebrity, Trump changes on wages.