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MNW - Star Wars: One Billion and Counting (EP33)

December 27, 2015

Star Wars The Force Awakens is now a cultural phenomenon Jon Justice discusses the reasons why audiences are going back to theater again and again. In 1977 the catch phrase around A New Hope was “May the Force be with you”, in 2015 it’s been replaced with “How many times have you seen The Force Awakens”? The movie was smart to leave many questions unanswered and yet we as viewers are dying to know those answers now. Find out why Jon believes that Star Wars is much different now in the age of the internet and social networking. For the main topic Jon breaks down the multiple theories about Rey and who her parents are. It’s only been one week since the Force Awakens has hit the theaters and already it’s made One Billion dollars faster than any other movie in history. 

JJShow - Schologed and Bismarked? Ban “Baby it’s cold outside”?

December 22, 2015

Jon covers the Hillary Trump, ISIS tool vs Obama Scholonged debate, new outlet mall threatens local mall, Black Lives Matter vs Childrens Choir, Kurt Russell loves guns, Baby It's Cold Outside is offensive? 

JJShow - Miss Universe Flub, Trump on Assassinations

December 21, 2015

Steve Harvey has one job and did it poorly hosting the Miss Universe pageant, Trump isnt aware if Putin assassinated anyone, Pres of the institute of liberty Andrew Langer gives his spoiler free review of Star Wars, Clintons lengthy bathroom debate break and much more!

JJShow Bonus: Nothing but Star Wars!

December 20, 2015

Jon complies all the Star Wars The Force Awakens talk from Thursday and Fridays show, including his spoiler free review, lightsaber instudio talk with April Madison and much more!!

JJShow - Long Lines and Terroism Fears

December 20, 2015

In this edit of Friday Dec 18th Jon Justice Show hear Jon give an update on the San Bernardino Terrorists, his own scare waiting in line for Star Wars and more headlines from Fridays news.

MNW - Star Wars: Spoiler Review The Force Awakens (EP32)

December 19, 2015

Jon Justice takes you on his journey waiting in line to watch Star Wars the Force Awakens for the first time. Why did his opinion of the movie change after the first time seeing it and has it now become his favorite Star Wars movie? Hear about what the novelization exposes that was left out the movie. Why are so many people going to see this film and did it live up to the hype? It’s the podcast that Jon Justice has been looking forward to doing since the very first one, the spoiler review of The Force Awakens.

JJShow - Star Wars Arrives, Katie Pavlich Interview

December 17, 2015

Star Wars debuts in theaters tonight to the general public, Drone talk with a Drone expert, FOX News Katie Pavlich, Jon brought his lightsaber to work and more! May the Force Be With YOU!

JJShow - Chaos Candidate GOP Debate

December 16, 2015

Jon recaps the 5th and last GOP Debate of 2015, Winter traditions in other countries and much more.

JJShow - Terror is winning

December 15, 2015

JOn covers the breaking news of the LAUSD schools threat. previews the GOP debate, DHS didn't look at terrorist Facebook pages? First reviews of Star Wars The Force Awakens are in and kept Jon up at night, plus much more!

JJShow - Star Wars Hype the Good and Really Bad

December 14, 2015

Jon covers the good bad and ugly of the hype of Star Wars the Force Awakens, kid gets banned from school wearing stormtrooper T-Shirt, MSNBC thinks Star Wars is racist, President of Institute for Liberty Andrew Langer joins the show to talk about the Star Wars Controversy, copyright claims over action figures, Cruz passes Trump in Iowa and much more! 

MNW - Star Wars: A Day Long Remembered (EP31)

December 13, 2015

Jon Justice takes a deep breath before the dive as only days remain until The Force Awakens hits the silver screen. Find out Jons thoughts on what really made the original Star Wars so special, will The Force Awakens be able to capture the magic again. The hype grows leading up to the world premiere Monday night in Hollywood, will the movies secrets leak out before its debut later in the week? With everything that has been shown so far and all the positive buzz surrounding the movie is there anyway to avoid inevitable backlash? Its been a long Journey but the day has almost arrived and all our questions will be answered! 

JJShow - White House Attacks Trumps Hair, SE Cupp interview

December 9, 2015

Rude Behavior spreads like a virus? The White House attacks Trumps hair? Gun Sales are soaring, CNN Host SE Cupp gets angry about Trump, Alligator eats criminal, running down the top gadgets of 2015 and more 

JJShow - Trump calls for a Total Muslim Ban

December 8, 2015

Judge rejects GOP lawsuit over local election, new terror alert system, calls and commentary on Trumps calls to ban all muslims, Times list of Person of the Year.

JJShow - Obamas Boring War Against ISIS

December 7, 2015

Jon recaps the POTUS Oval office address on Terror, is the military running out of bombs, Pres if the Institute for Liberty Andrew Langer, Ducey vs Brown on guns and more!

MNW - Star Wars: A Renewed Hope (EP30)

December 6, 2015

Jon Justice continues counting down to the most anticipated movie of arguably all time with only 11 days to go until The Force Awakens. Jon Justice breaks down exactly how much footage we have seen, how Star Wars is everywhere and on the minds of everyone, Carrie Fisher and that Gold slave bikini, plus Han shooting first and why it matters. Plus revisiting Star Wars A New Hope on the Journey to the Force Awakens!

JJShow - Terrorism in San Bernardino

December 3, 2015

Complete commentary and coverage of the terrorism in San Bernardino, Katie Pavlich joins the show.

JJShow - “Man Caves” are now offensive?

December 2, 2015

Student pens editorial on how Man Caves are sexist, potentially racist and offensive, Apple making more changes to next IPHONE, Beer misconceptions and more. 

JJShow - Hillarys 999 Problems, Trump gets Twisted

December 1, 2015

Hillarys classified emails now total 999 Jon explains why it wont matter. Trump gets rights to use Twisted Sister song, total coverage of the total waste of time climate summit in Paris, surviving the Zombie invasion Army style and more.