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JJShow - Trump says what we only think, Climate Summit Waste of Time,

November 30, 2015

China say Miss Canada is part of an evil cult and wont be allowed to compete in Miss World contest, Trump continues to defy the odds, Paris Climate summit is a waste of time, Pres of the Institute for Liberty Andrew Langer, in defense of Plastic Bags and more!

MNW - Star Wars: All The Way (EP29)

November 27, 2015

This week on the My Nerd World Star Wars Show, more TV spot audio, AMA Pentatonix Performance, Soundtrack listing, who has seen the movie and Jon's continued Journey to The Force Awakens.

JJShow - The Kids are all Victimized, Time to War Against ISIS

November 26, 2015

College campus political correctness is exposing the victimization and bad parenting resulting in oversensitive students, we need a new declaration of war against ISIS

JJShow - WW3? Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane

November 24, 2015

Jon covers all the breaking news, World Wide Terror alerts, battle against ISIS, Turkey Downs Russian Warplane and more!

JJShow - Radio Safe Space, Cultural Appropriation Burritos

November 23, 2015

Jon covers the "Safe Space" on campus, Yoga is now becoming cultural appropriation, Illegal Petes in Tucson continued controversy, Pres of Institute for Liberty Andrew Langer joins the show. AZ Elections investigated by the state and more!

JJShow - Terrorist fueled by Super Human pill, Facebook Dump button

November 23, 2015

Jon covers the Mali attack, continued controversy around Syrian Refugees,, Mexicans leaving USA, Facebook has a new "been dumped" feature and much more!

MNW - Star Wars: “Hell No!” (EP28)

November 22, 2015

Jon Justice is counting down to what may be the biggest movie in history The Force Awakens. The marketing machine continues to turn out more footage and pictures of the new movie, while new books reveal huge plot points. Adam Driver who plays villain Kylo Ren shares some interesting details about the true nature of his character. Jon continues his own Journey to The Force Awakens, this week he is watching EP2 Attack of the Clones. Hear Jon’s thoughts on the movie and how the process of making the Prequels differs greatly from how this new Sequel trilogy is being made. In less than one month all of our questions will be answered and the My Nerd World Star Wars podcast has you covered ever Par Sec of the way! 

MNW - Dale Jr Race Preview: Welcome to Miami

November 21, 2015

Jon Justice looks back at Dale Jr’s victory at Phoenix (Which Jon predicted in last weeks Podcast). We are down to our last race of the season at Miami Homestead. Jon will give his thoughts on who he believes will win the title. Find out everything you need to know about Dale Jr’s car leading into Sundays race and does Jon think he can go back to back with wins to close the season out? It’s the last race preview podcast for Dale Jr of the year! 

JJShow - Star Wars vs Al Qaeda, Katie Pavlich

November 19, 2015

ISIS mastermind killed, news anchor mistakes Star Wars Rebel symbol for AlQaeda, stopping Syrian refugees, Fox News Katie Pavlich joins the show, White Privilege University retreat and more.

JJShow - Fearing the Next Attack, Moschino Barbie Boy

November 18, 2015

New Terror arrests in Paris, France and Russia bombing ISIS while the US sits by and watches? Govs rally against Syrian Refugees, Moschino Barbie commercial feature androgynous pre-teen boy, Campus protesting not getting attention after Paris attack and more. 

JJShow - Russia plane bombed, States reject Syrians, Star Wars toy stock concerns

November 17, 2015

Russia claims plane was bombed, Gov's reject Syrian refugees, TPD getting ready to pick most controversial police chief, No stock of Star War toys for Christmas and much more. 

MNW - Star Wars: “You might need this” (EP27)

November 16, 2015

Jon Justice covers the huge week of news as the marketing machine for Star Wars the Force Awakens kicks into high gear. Entertainment Weekly released a series of articles online covering characters, plots, weapons and more from the new movie. More footage from the films in the form of TV spots have also appeared shedding further details and adding new questions to the films story. Jon also begins his own personal “Journey to the Force Awakens”, planning to watch all six films over the next few weeks leading directly into The Force Awakens on Thursday Dec 17th. Journey to a Podcast Far Far Away with this weeks My Nerd World show. 

JJShow - Obama to do nothing after Paris Attacks

November 16, 2015

Jon covers the tragic terror attack on Paris and President Obama speaking at the G-20 Summit in Turkey about the lack of a US response. President of the Institute Liberty calls in to give his thoughts. Plus Jon tells his story of Dale Jr winning in Phoenix and how he ended up NOT being there to see it. 

MNW - Dale Jr Race Preview: Phoenix Rising

November 14, 2015

 Jon Justice talks about what should have been a victory for the #88 team in Texas, if not for suffering some in race set backs. As we close in on the last two races of the year, Jon begins to reflect on the year that was. Get a preview of this weeks Phoenix race, how was qualifying and practice for Dale Jr. Plus, Jon will be traveling to Phoenix this weekend to watch the race and give some travel tips to those who might be attending. 

JJShow - Mizzou Wealth Privilege, Mansplaining

November 12, 2015

Your Smart TV is watching you, the Mizzou Hunger Striker is pretty wealthy, Donald Trump might be trying to sabotage his own campaign, what is Mansplaining, Tucson election might go to court and much more. 

JJShow - Star Wars Fan Daniel Passes away, Mizzou Protests Continue

November 10, 2015

Star Wars fan Daniel Fleetwood who had his dying wish to see The Force Awakens full filled last week passes away, more protests at Mizzou amind racial tensions, GOP Debate preview and much much more. 

JJShow - Racial Tension in MO, High School Sexting, Peanuts is really good

November 9, 2015

Jon offers up his review of the new Peanuts movie, Missouri Football and Hunger Strike over racial tensions, Andrew Langer Pres of the Institute for Liberty joins the show, Stupidity over red Starbucks cups, Draw Mohammed in 7th grade? Plus more...

MNW - Star Wars Bonus: New Force Awakens TV SPOT!

November 8, 2015

New footage, new dialogue, new questions are raised with a new unannounced The Force Awakens TV spot. Jon breaks it all down and give his thoughts on who he thinks Rey is related to. 

MNW- Dale Jr Race Preview: On Track at Texas

November 7, 2015

Jon Justice talks about last weeks crazy finish at Martinsville. How close was Dale Jr to a repeat victory? Hear commentary about the wreck between Matt Kenseth and Joey Logano as Jon completely disagrees with NASCAR’s penalty against the #20 car. Plus a complete run down of Dale Jr’s weekend at Texas leading into Sundays race. 

MNW - Star Wars : There is Another…TRAILER! (EP26)

November 6, 2015

Jon Justice after what everyone thought was the final new footage of Star Wars the Force Awakens, the international trailer for Japan drops on Friday and stuns the fandom with all new footage and dialog. Jon breaks down the new footage and what it all means for the plot of the movie. Plus, new character posters are released and a terminally ill Texas man has his dying Star Wars wish full filled.