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Mexico Coke Snorting Challenge? Interview Daveed Gartenstein-Ross Russia in Syria

September 29, 2015

Jon talks about his 13 year old son and his first "love" at school, Did NASA wait to release water MARS details for the release of the movie the Martian? Counter-Terror Expert Daveed Gartenstein-Ross joins the show. Trump has a Tax plan and a plan to save Christmas? Woman tries to eat a cop and much more. 

NASA Mars Announcement, Jon saw Everest, IFL Pres Andrew Langer

September 28, 2015

NASA Makes announcement of water on Mars, 5 political stories for the week, Everest movie review, President of the institute for liberty Andrew Langer joins the show to talk about Boehner leaving as speaker, VW emission scandal and more. KGUN9 April Madison joins the show to talk about Gas Station explosion from driver trying to burn a spider and how Jon burned his arm over the weekend, plus much more. 

MNW - Dale Jr Race Preview Podcast: New Chance at New Hampshire

September 26, 2015

Jon Justice gets you ready for week two of NASCARs playoffs. After a lack luster 12 place finish in Chicago, the #88 team is off to a pretty hot start in qualifying and practice as they head for New Hampshire Motorspeedway. Dale Jr has a current Xfinity sponsor thats going to go Cup racing next year, Jon will give you the details. It’s the second race in the Chase and Jon covers all things Dale Jr. 

MNW - Star Wars: Anakin (Hayden) Returns? (EP20)

September 26, 2015

Jon Justice is restless as the world waits for the full trailer to the most anticipated film of the year. With less than three months to the unexpected slow trickle of new Star Wars movie news has Jon wondering if the marketing plan so far is the right way to promote this movie. Director JJ Abrams is notorious for wanting to maintain the mystery of his movies, is this creating confusion with fans who are getting a lot of info from toys with almost no footage of the film being released. just posted info on a new set of Force Awakens books that provide a few new clues to the movie. Plus, Jon tackles the idea of the Force and how important that idea was for him as a kid. 

JJShow - Boehner Bails, Pentagon Expenses Strippers

September 25, 2015

Speaker John Boehner announces his retiring at the end of Oct, the EPA spends millions on fancy wood furniture, Pentagon employees expense casinos and strip clubs, Pope visits yields cheap Pope merchandise and much more. 

JJShow - The Pope Healed Babies Heart? Katie Pavlich protested by Black Lives Matter

September 24, 2015

The Pope address congress, author Patrick Wood says he wants a green utopia? Katie Pavlich of FOX news talks about a protest against her at Delaware University, new drinking study says just because you drink a lot it doesnt make you a bad person. And a discussion on Anti-Cop sentiment in America. 

JJShow - Pope US Tour, Kiss Cam gets offensive, Interview SE Cupp

September 23, 2015

The Pope arrives in the US as the country goes Pope crazy, Sports arena Kiss Cam is suddenly a problem, "Sleepy" Mexican statues prompt protest. CNN Host SE Cupp gives her take on the Pope visit and last weeks debate, plus 5 amazing body hacks with KGUN 9 April Madison. 

JJShow - Walker Quits, No Pope Fist Bumps

September 22, 2015

Scott Walker drops out of the race for the White House, Obama may endorse Biden with some stipulations, Jon refuses to cover a story on Pedophilia, would you vote to legalize pot and much more.

JJShow - NASA has a space shotgun?

September 21, 2015

Phoenix police capture sniper suspect, NASA has a space shotgun to shoot asteroids, the first post 2nd GOP debate polls are out, Andrew Langer from the Institute for Liberty joins the show, WCU inflatable doll protest, more on Ahmed and the clock suspension. 

MNW - Dale Jr Race Preview Podcast: The Chase starts in Chicago

September 19, 2015

Jon Justice gets you ready for the last race of the regular season. Dale Jr had an amazing rebound at the end of last weeks race, can the team carry that momentum over to ChicagoLand? New merchandise has shown up at, Jon will highlight the best stuff. Why was Twitter so down on Jr Friday after qualifying was rained out? Plus, a complete preview of the opening chase race and Dale Jr’s chances of taking the championship this year. 

MNW - Star Wars: Trailer Countdown (EP19)

September 19, 2015

Jon Justice, after a week off, returns with commentary on the upcoming seventh film in the Star Wars Franchise. Hear Jon’s thoughts on why Disney hasn’t stocked the shelves with enough toys to satisfy the demand. Plus how soon will the full trailer be released, how important is it for the new characters to be related in some way and does the new generation of Star Wars fans care as much about families the way we did when we were kids watching Episodes 4, 5 and 6? Its another packed podcast by a fan for the fan of a Galaxy Far Far Away. 

JJShow - Post GOP Debate Round two hangover

September 17, 2015

Break down the winners, losers and controversy from the 2nd GOP CNN debate. FOX News Katie Pavlich joins the discussion and takes calls with Jon. 

JJShow - My Clock is the Bomb Yo!

September 16, 2015

Facebook to issue "Dislike" button? GOP Debate Round 2 Preview, Counter Terror expert Daveed Gartenstien-Ross 5 "Crazy GOP" immigration comments, alcohol coming to Taco Bell and 14yr old gets accused of Bomb Hoax with home made clock. 

JJShow - Carson Rising, Trump Falling? China N. Korea threaten US, Schools still dealing with Lice?

September 15, 2015

Ben Carson is catching Donald Trump in the polls, Former Deputy Assistant Sec for the US Army Van Hipp joins the show to talk about the triple threat of Russia China and North Korea. Tucson has a new head lice policy that creeps out the show producer, Obama is frustrated over College censorship and much more!

JJShow - Perry out, Walker next? Force Friday means 1 Billion, Andrew Langer on Iran Yellow Cake discovery

September 14, 2015

Jon breaks down the 10 things you may or may not need to know for a Monday, Rick Perry is out of the 2016 race, is Scott Walker next, America will pay for Iran Nuke deal, Pres of Institute for Liberty Andrew Langer makes his weekly appearance, Immigration Update and much more. 

MNW - Dale Jr Race Preview Podcast: Last Race Before the Chase

September 11, 2015

Jon Justice gets you ready for the last race of the regular season. Dale Jr is already qualified for the chase so now its all about wins. After last weeks run at Darlington, coming home with a 8th place finish the 88 crew hopes to gain some much needed confidence. How was the car in practice, what happened in qualifying and does Dale Jr have what it takes to win one more time before the chase starts? Get up to speed on all this Dale Jr in this weeks podcast. 

JJShow - Phoenix Sniper vs Tucson Road Spiker, Iran Deal vs GOP

September 10, 2015

Jon discusses why there is so much media attention given to the Phoenix I-10 Sniper and yet almost none to Tucson's road manhole cover spiker? GOP revolts over Iran Deal, Tucson City Councils plays political theater as they return to business. 

JJShow - Who is Reggie Bugmuncher? SE Cup Interview, Woman sells boyfriends Batmobile

September 9, 2015

Plane catches fire on Las Vegas tarmac, eye witness Reggie Bugmuncher gets more attention, Iran says Israel gone in 25 years and US is the great satan, Tea Party Protest in DC over Iran deal, CNN host S.E. Cupp joins the show, cheating boyfriend results in girlfriend selling his "batmobile" and much more. 

JJShow - KQTH Party Announcement, Iran Deal and Force Friday talk with Andrew Langer

September 8, 2015

104.1 KQTH Listener Party is set, President of the Institute for Liberty Andrew Langer joins the show, congress returns from recess, plus post Force Friday talk, more calls for gun control measure from our local Tucson City Clowncil and much more...

MNW - Star Wars: Force Friday! (EP18)

September 5, 2015

Jon Justice takes you on a journey with release of the new Star Wars toys on Force Friday! Hear his adventures of tracking down his list of toys and which of latest characters from The Force Awakens have become the hardest to find. Plus, tons of new information about the stars of the film Kylo Ren, Finn and Rey has come to light, as has the true motivation of the First Order. It’s one of the most packed podcasts yet and a must listen for Star Wars fans.