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MNW - Star Wars: Attack of the First Order (5)

April 29, 2015

It's Episode 5 of the My Nerd World Star Wars Podcast. Host Jon Justice talks 1977 toys and his collection, will we get another The Force Awakens trailer attached to Age of Ultron? Bringing back the mythology of the original trilogy and much more from a Galaxy Far Far Away....(FYI: I came up with a Theory about the First Order during the podcast, after which I listened to the ForceCast #349 and the group reviewing the Teaser 2 came up with the same theory, I think we all maybe on to something)

JJShow - Downtown Tucson gets tagged the same weekend of High School Graffiti Contest? WHCD exposes mean Obama

April 27, 2015

The Historic Fox Theater and other businesses downtown get tagged the same day that Tucson High School's "Unity Rally" hold Graffiti art contest. WHCD exposes Obama as a very angry and rude joke laden President. Plus KGUN 9 April Madison joins the show to talk about misconceptions that we believe are truths...and much more. 

MNW - Dale Jr Race Preview: Strike it Rich-mond?

April 24, 2015

After a rough Bristol, Dale Jr heads to Richmond hoping to grab the win. How was the car? What happened during practice? New paint scheme coming and more! 

JJShow - Mocking Hippies on Earth Day and Talking Showers with S.E. Cupp

April 22, 2015

It's Earth day and Jon mocks the style over substance of the day. CNN host SE Cupp joins the show to talk about the EPA wanting you to take short showers and not baths, news of the day and much more in this podcast of the first half of the Jon Justice Show. 

MNW - Star Wars: TFA Teaser 2 reaction, Rogue One and Post Celebration! (4)

April 20, 2015

Coming fresh from Star Wars Celebration, The Force Awakens teaser reaction, Rogue One news, Celebration recap, Special Guest LangerCast host Andrew Langer and much more Star Wars! 

MNW - Dale Jr Race Preview: Will the DewShine at Bristol?

April 19, 2015

Dale Jr loves Bristol, but how fast is the car? Will the rain go away and what did Dale Jr say about his car after final practice? All the info you need about the DewShine MtDew #88 Chevy and his shot at Victory in the Race Preview Podcast. 

JJShow - Hillary begins her Magical Mystery Van Tour, Institute for Liberty Pres Andrew Langer gives his take

April 14, 2015

Jon talks about Hillary Clintons not so surprising campaign announcement, Andrew Langer joins the show to give this take, SNL takes on the Clintons in their cold open and much more in this Monday portion of the Jon Justice Show. 

MNW - Dale Jr Race Preview: TX Great Car, Bad Starting Spot

April 10, 2015

Double duty for Dale Jr this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway, the cars are fast despite a bad Sprint Cup starting spot for Saturday nights race of 25th. New stuff online to buy, new sponsor for Friday night, just how fast were the cars in practice and can Dale Jr sweep the weekend? 

MNW - Star Wars: The Hype is building for The Force Awakens! (3)

April 10, 2015

One week from celebration, leaked images online, Avenger VS the Force Awakens, why Episode 7 will be the best Star Wars movie yet and much much more in this My Nerd World Podcast. 

JJShow - White House Bee Attack, Russians hack US, Katie Pavlich joins the show and more…

April 9, 2015

Easter at the White House gets scary when bees attack the children while the president reads to them, did the White House suffer a Russian hack attack? Katie Pavlich calls in to talk about the hack, Hillary, Iran Nuke deal and Rand Paul. April Madison from KGUN joins the show to discuss the 20 phrases we are using wrong and much much more....

JJShow - Furious 7 review, Atomic Iran, Parched in CA, Controversy Crusted Pizza

April 7, 2015

Jon reviews Furious 7 and why it made him cry, Iran Nuke deal and why its such a bad bad idea. CA drought is getting worse before its gets better and whose fault is it really? How much money did Memories Pizza make after the Indiana RFRA controversy, the Tucson GOP has challengers for this years local elections and much much more....

MNW - Star Wars: Pre-Release TFA Trailer 2 (2)

April 5, 2015

With only weeks away until the release of the SW The Force Awakens second trailer, host Jon Justice discusses what we can expect, what he learned watching other JJ Abrams movie trailers, why he likes podcasting and waiting with all the other fans for the next footage of the Star Wars saga to be released!