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Guess the New King of Condiments Contest

January 30, 2014

Hear who scores the most points plus asks the most questions about the rules, along the way.  Jon draws a new team trivia scoreboard in studio.

Top Facebook Etiquette Suggestions

January 23, 2014

Jon explains the Do's and Don'ts of Facebook Etiquette. Hear some of the top definitive lists many tend to complain about, offered by our staff and listeners. Are we still friends after this?

S.E. CUPP NASCAR Chase and Chris Christie

January 22, 2014

CNN Crossfire Host S.E. Cupp joins the show to give her opinion on the potential NASCAR Chase for the Championship changes and her latest NY Daily News column on Chris Christie. 

Top 24 Passwords

January 21, 2014

April Madison from KGUN joins the show to run down the top 24 most used passwords.

Hidden lessons in Super Hero Movies

January 17, 2014

Jon Justice and April Madison provide insight in response to an article revealing hidden lessons in super hero movies. Who do you root for?

Guess who got snubbed from the Oscars?

January 17, 2014

Jon delivers some sad news. He delivers a list of celebrities that were omitted from a nomination, including one very important one. 

Mountain Lion vs Big Horn Sheep

January 15, 2014

Mountain Lions in the Catalinas of Arizona face their cult accusers. Jon depicts how the investigation could go down with a few comical twists plus poses questions after reading articles.

Caller Sonya is a Bigfoot

January 14, 2014

Listener Sonya talks about how she is a "Bigfoot" enthusiast. April Madison from local new KGUN joins in the conversation. Best Podcast Hosting Audio Video Blog Hosting!

January 13, 2014

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